Radiating Light- Are You a Lightworker?

Written By Roma Hora - May 30 2018


April 05 2021

I feel anyone that thinks outside the group mind can become targetted,,,it’s a control grid and the ones the technology doesn’t work on by father’s design are targetted,,,I’ve had airplanes following me since I was old enough to walk,,back them I wrote it off ass going to the airport but not every ten mins or when there flying even with buildings at low heights…the controls on the top know which ones have divine dna and are here to help and change the world for the better and will go out of their way to isolate and surveille those individuals,,,,what I would call is are true souls,,not AI controlled bots…it’s all about energy harvesting and being part of the system,,,,here’s my take If I’m not harming anyone then I have and will be me and gave every right to be me and not a part of a hive mind computer controlled group,,I will only be me at all times,,I have a soul and. here to shine father’s light and shine it bright

Tracey Duffy
September 08 2019

I’m an indigo adult. I’m 55 years old. I have suffered from bacterial meningitis for about the last 32 years. Which was purposely given to me by the government. I have suffered over the years from quite a few psychosis. I am now in the final stages of the bacterial meningitis. I am really suffering. I’m an indigo. Was I targeted? Please can anyone answer my question? Tracey.

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